Schema Therapy for Military Personnel.

Over the years I have combined my two passions: working with military personnel and Schema Therapy.

I have developed a unique schema therapy approach when working with military personnel, which accounts for the psychological effects of military service and addresses the “Soldier Mode”. This approach allows us to look beyond PTSD in veterans and instead identify and understand the effects that military service has on one’s identity, beliefs, behaviours and consequently their ability to adjust into the community after military service.

For more information please read or watch The Psychological Effects of Service.

I have presented on the “Soldier Mode” by:

  • Co-authoring an International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST) Bulletin paper with Dr Suzy Reston titled “Treat the Soldier & Unlock the Healthy Adult”.
  • Presenting on “Transforming the Soldier” at the Inspire 2018 ISST conference in Amsterdam.Preparing to conduct a skills class,
  • “Working with the Soldier Mode” at the next ISST Inspire conference currently scheduled for Jun 2021.

I conduct two-day workshops for clinicians, which assist clinicians gain a new perspective and learn practical therapeutic techniques when working with military personnel in the therapy room. Whilst my workshops are tailored to an Army “Soldier” perspective, the model is transferable to other arms of the Defence Force, Police and Emergency Services.

Soldier Mode Webinar Series

This is a pre-recorded 6 part webinar series on working with the Soldier Mode.

Megan Fry
Clinical Psychologist
Advanced Individual Schema Therapist

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