Our mission is to help you be the healthiest person you can be.

Founded by Clinical Psychologist Megan Fry. M Fry Psychologist is a clinical psychology and schema therapy focussed practice. We have a particular interest in veteran mental health and people who have not had much success with therapy in the past.

Our aim is to do this by healing emotional wounds, helping you learn healthier lifestyle habits and to facilitate your growth into the healthy person you want to be.

Every client is respected and appreciated and will be treated with an unwavering sense of compassion and understanding.

Our guidance is personalised to every client and tailored to their lifestyle and life stage.

To learn more about Schema Therapy visit Schema Therapy Brisbane.

Hours: Monday to Friday, by appointment only.

Address: Level 1, 11 Bald Hills Rd, Bald Hills QLD 4036
(Entry via the Medical Centre)

Our office is conveniently located above Bald Hills Medical Centre.
To access our office, please use the back entrance, which is accessible via the driveway on the left side of the building.
Currently, parking is limited to street parking.